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AA_v3.exe (For online computer Connection from remote)

SNO Details updated Setup Exe File Data Base Detail
1 Xerox Inventory System for Windows Xp Service Pack-2 07-02-2017 hg hg hg
2 Invoice Installation for Windows 8 and 10 07-02-2017 hg hg hg
3 Xerox Retail System 07-02-2017 hg hg hg
4 Xerox Whole Sale with Decimal Quantity 07-02-2017 hg hg hg
5 Data Set Whole seller/Distribution (Based on SQL Server 2005) 15-02-2017 hg hg hg
6 Data Set Retailer (Based on SQL Server 2005) 05-01-2016 hg hg hg
7 Lease Management System March 2016 hg hg hg
8 Clinical Laboratory Management System 25-12-2016 hg hg hg
9 Xerox Exe (Urdu Version 9.72) September, 2015 hg hg hg

School Management System

07-02-2017 hg hg hg