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SNO Details updated Download
1 AA_v3.exe (For online computer Connection from remote) September, 2015 fg
2 Invoice Installation for Windows Xp Service Pack-1(New) September, 2015 hg
3 Invoice Installation for Windows XP Service Pack-2 September, 2015 hg
4 Lease Management System March 2014 hg
5 Retail Exe File 7.6 13th December, 2016 hg
6 Retail Data Base File September, 2015 hg
7 Data Set Whole seller version 1.9 14-12-2016 hg
8 Data Set Whole seller Data File November, 2016 hg
9 Data Set Retailer 05-01-2016 hg
10 Data Set Retailer Data File September, 2015 hg
11 Xerox XP Exe File Version 9.8 September, 2015 hg
12 Xerox XP Exe File Version10.6 02-01-2017 hg
13 Clinical Laboratory Management System 25-12-2015 hg
14 Xerox Exe (Urdu Version 9.72) September, 2015 hg

School Management System Installation)

13-02-2016 hg

SMIS Exe File (updated) V-5.5

How to update exe file
1.Download The file
2.Unzipp it
3.Replace the previous exe file with new one
4.Run the new exe file
5.Go to Settings in menu
6.Click Database Update

30-12-2016 hg